Half Marathon

Coming this Summer - September 2016 Fleet Feet Orlando will kick off a fully coached Half Marathon Training Program for 16 Weeks.

PACE, standing for; Passion, Achievement, Courage and Endurance.

This training program is designed to instruct and inspire the runner who wants to improve their performance at the half-marathon distance. We are seeking runners who have a minimum base mileage of five (5) miles. If you have run longer distances, including a half-marathon, this program will assist you in lowering your time goal. While we have set the minimum base at 5 miles, there is no minimum/maximum pace, minutes per mile, requirement. Groups will be set up to handle all pace levels. Interval training will be incorporated in some of the groups. This is a 16 week program that will target end of 2016 and early 2017 races.  

Fleet Feet Sports will have certified coaches to assist you with your training. All coaches and mentors assigned to the program will have experience at running the half-marathon distance. This is a “hands-on” training program, not an open, unsupervised program. Additionally, weekly training runs will incorporate hill training, tempo runs and speed workouts.

In addition to the weekly coached training runs, we will incorporate seminars from professionals who will discuss such topics as; posture/form, injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, proper footwear and accessories, to name a few. 

The program will begin with two “Meet the Coach” sessions. On August 17th, we will meet at the Fleet Feet store in Altamonte Springs. On August 24th, we will meet at the Downtown Orlando (SODO) store. It is recommended that you attend one of these sessions. This will be your opportunity to ask questions of our coaches regarding specific aspects of training. On August 31st, we will hold an orientation/gear up night at the Fleet Feet store in Altamonte Springs.

Tentative Schedule:

August 17 - Wednesday - Meet the Coach - Altamonte 6:30pm
August 24 - Wednesday - Meet the Coach - Orlando 6:30pm
August 31 - Wednesday - Orientation & Gear Up Night - Altamonte 6:30pm
September 3 - Saturday - First Day of Training - Time Trial
December 17 - Saturday - Last Day of Training

Training will begin on Saturday, September 3rd, with a “time trial” run to establish your initial pace group. We will notify you of the location of our weekly runs at a later time. We have several options and based on the number of participants, we can select the location that best suits the program. As you progress, you will be able to move to another pace group. 

As we move closer to the August start date you will receive updates as they become available.

REMINDER: This program is only for the half-marathon distance of 13.1 miles. We will not incorporate training for those runners planning to run the marathon distance.


Stay Tuned for Details!

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Program Start: July 2016
Program Schedule: TBD
Program Fee: TBD
Description: Fleet Feet Orlando Kicks off a new fully coached Half Training Program for 2016.
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