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The Running Specialty Market consists of much more than just a running shoe. The types of shoes we carry are generally more technical in nature to what you will find in any big box sports gear store. We carry a full line of specialty running, walking and lifestyle footwear, as well as Crossfit styles for cross training from vendors that include but are not limited to; Asics, Brooks, Nike, Perl Izumi, New Balance, Newton, K-Swiss, Saucony, Mizuno, and Inov8. As Gold account and specialty tier purchase level members, we have the shoes only the specialty retail can provide and not found at the big box stores or in the malls.


Generally, running shoes are a term that is general in nature. Technical running would be a more proper way to describe our footwear offerings. In a technical sense, the running footwear is generally under 10oz in weight and constructed with highly innovative lightweight materials and designed with providing the foot a quick transition through the gait cycle during running activity. These technical features provide use of materials that allow your running to be managed in a more efficient and powerful manner by allowing you to be more comfortable and train with less injury potential.

Natural Running and Minimalmv2

We are considered one of the premiere dealers for the natural running market in Florida. If your needs are footwear designed to provide the correct platform for your natural running form, we have plenty of styles to choose from. 


IMG_0901A walking shoe can be pretty much any shoe you place under your feet to get from point a to point b. Wearing a running shoe as your walking provides the same advantages for you as the avid runner. Typically though the reason to wear the running shoe is mostly weight, support and breathability. In our climate wearing a shoe with a leather upper can cause the major discomfort and raise the risk of increased bacteria around the foot. With the breathability this potential is lessened and add a technical sock to the mix and you will discover comfort at the highest level. The stability or motion control shoe can provide exactly what your Doctor prescribes for you to avoid or recover from major pain in the feet or discomfort with lower back and knees. If you require a full leather enclosed shoe for work and especially in all black, we also accommodate your needs too.

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Tips for buying running or walking shoes:

Feel free to bring your old shoes with you and talk to the salesperson about what you liked and disliked about them. The wear pattern may also be worth checking out.180549_10150198659211040_8780761039_9025337_6410603_s

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