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The Fleet Feet Orlando team is comprised of the most passionate individuals in running specialty. Their focus is centered around giving our guests the best possible experience time after time as well as ensuring you achieve your needs in lifestyle, fit, customer service, training and product.

Brendan Mertz

Multi Store Operations Manager - Altamonte - Orlando

Team Member since 2008 – FSU Alum.
Brendan embodies some of the best natural abilities to make sure the store product operations are at their top level. A passion for running and keeping things in order brendan handle all of the back of the house operations for the store. In need of that special order or making sure all our product is in stock, that is Brendan. – USATF Level 1 coach

Korene Hinds


Korene Hinds earned her Masters of Science in Education from Kansas State University.

Korene is best known as 3,000 metre Steeplechase athlete and part of the Beijing, and London olympic and Jamaican National Team. Now retired from her favorite sport,  Korene’s sponsorship included Puma and has 4 years of Fleet Feet in her background with Orlando and a store from Albuquerqe, NM.

Lauren Reen


 Having relocated to Florida at a young age, Lauren is nearly a native of the state. After completing her college preparatory education in the Sunshine State, Lauren attended Clemson University, where she competed for the Cross-Country and Track & Field programs. After graduating with her Bachelor's in Health Science with a minor in Psychology, she returned home to central Florida to begin a graduate program. Having uncertainty about her chosen profession, she decided to take some time off of school to further explore her goals and interests. With a passion for running and a desire to help others, Lauren is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable member of the Fleet Feet Orlando team.

Kathy Gaither


Jean Schalk

FIT Advisor

Running has been a part of my life, since my very young years. All during my years of playing competitively in tennis, running kept me in top shape. Following my tennis years and graduating from Lamar University (Beaumont, Tx), I went to work for Delta Airlines and then onto FedEx Express. I've run in countless half marathons, completed many marathons and several triathlons. I will seek to complete my first, full distance triathlon in Nov of 2017. Now retired from FedEx, I'm very excited to join the team members of Fleet Feet Sports. 

Kyler Long

FIT Advisor

Kyler has been an avid runner for ten years, and loves the lifestyle it entails. You can often find him mixing it up in local road races in distances ranging from 5K to 15K. He recently graduated from UCF with a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences and is a strong advocate of moving better through the study of proper biomechanics. Kyler plans on attending Physical Therapy school in the future. Outside of running he also enjoys fishing, reading, and a nice cup of coffee with the sunrise.

Bryan Manfria

Bryan moved here with his family from New Jersey to escape the cold winters. He comes to us with a degree in exercise science and experience working in the field for 5 years. Bryan also has his teaching certification as he loves to work with children. Outside of work Bryan enjoys running, biking, swimming and just about anything involving fitness. He loves to be an active role model for his two daughters and loves to get them involved. Bryan has completed 3 marathons and 3 halfs and one day hopes to complete an ironman.

Nicholas Hall

FIT Advisor
I moved from Ohio to Florida with the intention of loving and serving others through work and running with a smile on my face no matter what the circumstance. I am passionate about seeing that smile reciprocated back at me and knowing I did my best for someone else. The thing that fuels me the most is making someone's day brighter. I have been a competitive runner since I was 12. The drive to be the very best athlete I can be has led me to become a 5x NCAA DII All-American in cross country and track and field. I'm always down to talk anything running! In the mean time I am continuing my training here in Orlando to see what the street races of Florida have to offer. Lastly, I am not just a dog person, I'm an animal person in general. But please let me pet your dog.

Deb Nickerson


Deb is a UCF Grad and USATF Certified Coach. Deb inspires our NO BOUNDARIES participants to be their best and achieve their most sought after goals to learn to run and get to their first 5K. Deb is an avid runner and Triathlete and has graduated over 600 participants of the NO BOUNDARIES program in association with Fleet Feet Sports and New Balance.

RRCA Certified Coach

Joe Bartos

Events Team

Team Member since 2008 – Joe is the road crew in charge of making sure the equipmment and events are organized and effecient.

Patricia Viera

Training Mentor/Office Assistant

Certified personal trainer, NOBO graduate and 3-time NOBO mentor. Pat is in charge of making sure all the books and organizational filing is done at the store level. While unnoticed in the every day grind of the business from the sales floor, you cannot miss her as she is always there to inspire and assist coach Deb and the NOBO group. She makes sure to help develop new attitudes with all the beginners she meets.

Brand Ambassadors

Fleet Feet Sports is proud to share our Ambassador team with our local communities. The Ambassador team exemplifies the culture and spirit of Fleet Feet Sports and shares our passions for our sport. Ambassadors aid in development of special relationships with local running groups, clubs, events and more. 

Amy Morris

  Amy Morris
   Favorite Shoe:   Pearl Izumi N3 
   Favorite Brand:   Brooks
   Ambassador Bio:   I'm not the fastest runner, but I'm probably the runner having the most fun out on a race course. If I can run in a costume, I'll do it. Life is too short to not be silly. I don't know what it's like to not run, I've been running since high school. A great day always starts with a run first thing in the morning.

Charisse Winter

   Favorite Shoe:   Brooks Launch
   Favorite Brand:   Brooks but varies some by gear type
   Ambassador Bio:   I run because it's my sanity. I run because I'm competitive, and it's something at which I excel. I run because it makes me feel good even when it's hard. I run because it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I run because I like a challenge. I run because it keeps me moving and energized. I run because I'm stressed out, I run to clear my head, I run to relax. I run because there's nothing that compares to "runner's high." I run because new running shoes are more satisfying than any other new shoes. I run because I'm a different human being if I don't, and it keeps me positive. I run to inspire and to be inspired. I run because I think it brings out the best in me. I run because the running community is the best group of people in the world. I run because a lot of people can't and it's a privilege that shouldn't be taken for granted. I run because I love it and it makes me happy. There is no time or place that I don't or won't run. Whether I'm on vacation, traveling, or working 80 hours a week, I always find time to run. I lace up my running shoes and go every morning and often again at night for group runs (except on rest day!). I'm always in training for a race (or just life), usually a marathon or series of races, and while I prefer long distances, I race at all distances and have come to appreciate short distance races. I love winning, and the constant internal push I have to continually get better motivates me in everything I do and every choice I make. I love being around people who love the sport as much as I do, as well as helping those who are newer to it to get excited about running and fitness. I love how it brings people together for something positive who may otherwise have vast differences, and I love that it isn't a pretentious sport, that it allows people to be their sweaty, awesome selves whatever their pace or experience. Olympic and elite athletes inspire me, but so do people who are just beginning or getting back into their running habits. It's amazing to see how it transforms people both physically and mentally, and the perseverance athletes from both ends of the spectrum display is remarkable and always gives me perspective. There's just nothing quite like running. :)

Robyn Tangora



   Favorite Shoe:   Nike Air Zoom Structure
   Favorite Brand:   Nike
   Ambassador Bio:   Hi! I'm Robyn. I started running a little over 3 years ago after being sidelined with a knee injury. I fell in love with the feeling you get after crossing a finish line or running a mile a few seconds faster than you did last time or going a further distance than you thought you could. I joined a few local running groups, but there was always one that I would never want to miss. I am now the host of Wednesday night's Running for Brews Orlando. We are a social running club that enjoys the exercise and really appreciates a cold beer post run.

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