Bratwurst, tacos, ribs and running

"Ah, here we are in August- the month where nothing of any great importance happens. The month of the year when kids are sent back into the loving embrace of our public school system and retailers dust off their Halloween decorations. But wait! “Is that all that there is to August.” You ask. Sadly yes…that is until now. Fleet Feet Orlando is proud and excited once again to participate in The Power of Running.Brats

 “Oh is that all?” You may be tempted to sneer.

 “You want me to get off my couch, put down my cranberry-lime Mich-Ultra for that? If I get healthy now I’ll just ruin it during the holiday, better to start fresh in January…or February…well in time for beach season 2017.” You pooh-pooh.

 But you know what, this isn’t just about you or the bratwurst, tacos and ribs you’ve consumed since Labor Day. This is about something larger. This is about the community we all share. And we here at fleet Feet Orlando care about you, your family and your collective health. We want to contribute to make the quality of your lives better. We want you to feel good about you. And it bothers us if one member-any member-of our family and community is hurting, particularly when so many of our brothers and sisters, uncles, aunts and cousins have been through so much. Some might be hurting and smiling through it all the way-every single darn day. That is why to kick off our very special TPOR the fleet Feet Orlando nuclear family is doing push-ups to raise awareness about the battles that our Veterans-the very bravest among us-are still fighting.

 runningWe’re taking on the 22 push up challenge and we’re doing it together as a family. Because, we want to send the message that if you need help or support-no matter how strong you are, or the massive challenges you may have already faced, no matter who you are-you aren’t alone. And we want to send the message that we are all stronger when we work together as a team, as a family, united. We’ll be posting stories of inspiration and hope throughout this series starting with us doing some awkward push-ups (c’mon our legs are strong). We invite you to contribute by joining us on our weekly runs, coming into the stores for advice and encouragement and by sending stories of inspiration to us via our web site or Facebook.

 So, if you need to loose five pounds, blow off some steam or you’re looking to spend time with your kid(s) that does not involve anything named Pikachu Fleet Feet Orlando is here. We’re local, united and believe in the power of running and the power of one another."

Written by FIT Advisor
Joe Pagano

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